Jack Hicks 

"Over many years my artistic practice has developed into an intense engagement with the landscape; both man-made and natural.

I am fascinated with drawing from direct observation, seeking to respond creatively to each particular place and my sense of its past and present.

My drawings inform an experimental process in the studio, as I try to develop them into meaningful and expressive paintings through the exploration of materials, techniques and visual elements.

The possibilities are endless and compelling.

The challenge is always in balancing the observed with the imagined, the controlled with the accidental, the familiar with the unknown, and in maintaining the integrity of that process."

- Jack Hicks

website: www.jackhicksartwork.com

instagram: jakk_hicks

Jack has previously exhibited at the the Royal Academy, the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Wells Art Contemporary, Bath Society of Artists, A2 Gallery (Wells), the Royal West of England Academy and Devizes Museum.

This is a recording of part of a conversation with Jack at the end of the opening of his exhibition.

The paintings below are some of those we talked about in particular:

Drawings from Jack's sketchbooks:

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